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Municipal, County and State governments need to meet specific requirements in process, and uphold responsibility to the people they serve. Phoenix Advisors is well versed in the difficulties of helping governments meet their financial objectives while accomplishing their goals. Through debt restructuring, budget management or the variety of other financial advising, Phoenix helps keep Government productive and fiscally responsible.



Phoenix Advisors has guided some of the Northeast's largest metropolitan regions, as well as many cities and towns, in structuring and issuing debt, and managing budgets that help infrastructure meet demand. Whether it's new facilities or updating roads, bridges, water and sewer, Phoenix has the expertise to make sure you travel the best possible path.



In today's financial and political climate, many improvements can seem daunting. Phoenix Advisors approaches every situation with an understanding of the value to the community with projects such as playgrounds or senior centers. And Phoenix has proven time and again that it is possible, even today, to manage budget and financing to create opportunities that improve quality of life.



Low interest rates create the opportunity for governments to refund old debt. By issuing new debt at lower interest rates, significant and always welcome savings can be realized in debt service.



Community development happens with the right mix of human spirit, a broad vision, and the financial path to bring it together. Financing options, especially today, can be limited. But Phoenix Advisors has successfully guided developers and communities to the debt issuance and terms that they can comfortably live with. And at the same time, thousands of people have a special place to call home that otherwise may not have been possible.

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